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Electronic Cigarette Reviews


Bloog Vaporizer Reviews

A founding member of the Electronic Cigarette Association and one brand that sounds like it could be branding something special is Bloog.  Bloog is using the 2-component system made popular by Green Smoke.   The best feature of this two-piece styling is that it has a combined atomizer and cartridge (cartomizer) that is disposable at the end of use.  Each cartridge only costs around $2.50 and is equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes.  This could amount to a savings of over $1,000 per year for a one-pack per day smoker!  However, the MaxXFusion ecigarette’s cartomizers were designed to be easy refillable, saving you even more money.   

Bloog’s flavors have been getting great e-cig reviews across the web, and I tend to feel they are among the most popular brands and certainly can be compared to both Green Smoke’s Electronic Cigarette was well as Blu Cigs version of the e-cig.  Their flavors are what caught my attention due to the their extensive line up of 15 flavors ranging from traditional tobacco flavors, and fruit flavors to no flavor at all.  However, the Cherry flavor leaves something to be desired other than the taste of cough syrup.  Each flavor can be purchased in different nicotine levels (0mg-36mg) as well.

One area that I was really hoping Bloog would deliver in is vapor production and it does. It seems trivial but if you’re a smoker looking to quit the real thing, having an E-cig with good vapor production makes the transition a lot easier when you get something that creates the illusion of “getting a good hit”.  It delivers a clean drag with each inhale and you can see and feel the “smoke” vapor as you exhale just like you are accustomed to, with traditional tobacco brands.

The battery and vapor cartridge produce a great amount of vapor, around 360-400 puffs per cartridge that is equivalent to one full pack of cigarettes before having to recharge.  The battery section has a slightly larger diameter, giving it
 a ”fatter” feel in your fingers, but is approximately the same length as a traditional cigarette.  One convenient option of chargers, along with the usual USB chargers, home adapter and car charger is the Personal Charger Case (PCC).  The PCC allows you to travel with your Bloog without the need of a power outlet or computer all day.  Just charge the case before your leave.  In addition, the battery portion of the Bloog comes in a variety of 9 colors, which sets them apart from many of the other name brands. 

I was very pleased with the various package options giving me the choice to start small or go for all of the accessories for the maximum convenience. 

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Product Details

Starter Kits start at: $44.95 - $99.95 Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 35 Day Money Back Guarantee
One Cartridge equates to: 300 Puffs LED Color: Blue, Red
Warranty: 90 days months from date of receipt Free Shipping: Yes, Purchases over $100.00

Product Media

Bloog Electronic Cigarette Start Kits

Bloog Basic Starter Kit
  • (1) 78mm Auto Battery
  • (1) Velvet Battery Pouch
  • (1) Wall Charger
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (5) Flavored Cartomizers

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Bloog Deluxe Starter Kit
  • (2) 78mm Auto Batteries
  • (2) Velvet Battery Pouches
  • (1) Wall Charger
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (5) Flavored Cartomizers

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Bloog Ultimate Starter Kit
  • (2) 78mm Auto Batteries
  • (1) Wall Charger
  • (1) USB Pass-Thru Battery
  • (1) USB Charger
  • (1) Car Charger
  • (1) Basic Carrying Case
  • (1) PCC Case
  • (5) Flavored Cartomizers

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Bloog Mini PCC Starter Kit
  • (1) MaxxFusion Mini PCC
  • (1) Rechargeable Battery
  • (1) USB Cable
  • (2) 65mm Auto Batteries
  • (2) Battery Pouches
  • (5) Flavored Cartomizers

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