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Electronic Cigarette Reviews


Dragon Fly Vaporizer Reviews

An electronic cigarette company off the beaten path is DragonFly ecigs.  They are a great e-Cigarette for both beginners and experienced e-Smokers. It features great battery life and excellent vapor due to the three piece system that has a cartridge which contains the liquid nicotine, an atomizer which creates the vapor and the battery which powers the device.  The battery tends to last longer than most other name brands because of the manual switch to turn the battery on and off with each use, which in turn produces outstanding vapor. 

Even though the Dragonfly electronic cigarettes are of top-notch quality, the look and feel of the Joye eGo is more like a cigar than that of a cigarette.  It is black, heavy and substantially wider than a traditional cigarette.   The battery has an on/off button that must be compressed 5 times to turn it on or off.  This seems excessive but it does ensure a long battery life and outstanding vapor production. 

The 3-piece system of the Dragonfly permits the user to customize the eliquids flavors and nicotine levels, while saving money to boot.  For their liquid, of which there are too many flavors to count, while some flavors were not so great, others were delicious and all produced maximum vapor with a very smooth feel.  Dragonfly ecigs proffers 4 levels of nicotine ranging from 0mg to 24mg, plus a unique flavor of vegetable glycerine.   You will save money on refills and more than likely, find a much better experience overall when using the eliquids, not to mention the variety in flavors not available with the 2-piece atomizer and cartridge all in one system.  

Dragonfly electronic cigarettes are without a doubt one of the best quality products I’ve come across and at a very reasonable price.  Their customer service is exceptional.   Their products are backed up with a 30-day money back guarantee to the original purchaser and they provide numerous options of starter kits, replacement components, chargers, accessories and online support. 

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Product Details

Starter Kits start at: $39.95 - $128.95 Money Back Guarantee: Yes, 30 Days on unused kits.
One Cartridge equates to: 300 Puffs LED Color: Blue
Warranty: 30 Days - Part replacement program Free Shipping: No

Product Media

Dragon Fly Electronic Cigarette Start Kits

Dragon Fly Joye 510-T Starter Kit
  • (2) Joye 510-T atomizer
  • (2) 220mAh Joye 510-T Auto battery
  • (5) 0.5ml Capacity Joye 510-T Semi-transparent Empty Cartridge
  • (1) AC-USB Adapter
  • (1) Joye 510 T USB Adapter (ONLY for 510 T battery! NO cord)
  • Manual

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I purchased the Joy Logo Ego-T 1000. However, the atomizer quit working after about 5-6 weeks of very 'light' vaping. The Dragonfly ecig company would not do anything since it was past the 30 day warranty period. NOT good service on a defective part.

Submitted By: Rebecca   On: 07/20/2012

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