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Electronic Cigarette Reviews


Pure Cigs Vaporizer Reviews

When choosing the perfect e- cigarettes you are obviously looking for a taste and experience that will not leave you with the desire to fire up your traditional smoke when you are finished.  Pure Cigs accomplish this mission easily with the flavor and pull that you are accustomed to with your regular tobacco brand.  With five available flavors (Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Cherry, Nutty, and Risque) I found it easy to find a taste that I enjoyed that was nearly identical to my national brand of cigarettes.  Now that I have experienced smoking without the disgusting odor and mess of ashes and butts I will never go back.  I was surprised at how similar the water vapor feels when it is exhaled and I am relieved to have a way to enjoy smoking without the nasty effects on my lungs.

The Pure Cig delivers a clean drag with each inhale and you can see and feel the “smoke” vapor and you exhale just like you are accustomed to with traditional tobacco brands.  Pure Cigs deliver on the goal of giving smokers a way to enjoy in an unobtrusive manner without sacrificing taste and experience.  It is incredible to be able to wake up without the smell of tobacco in your hair and clothes and without nicotine withdrawals at the same time! 

One of the best features is the two-piece styling of the Pure Cig.  It has a combined atomizer and cartridge (cartomizer) which is disposable at the end of use.  Each cartridge only costs around $2.50 and is equivalent to a whole pack of cigarettes.  This could amount to a savings of over $1,000 per year for a one-pack per day smoker!  The battery life was more than reasonable, allowing 3 complete cartridges to be used before a refill.  That is the same as 90 cigarettes!   

I was very pleased with the various package options giving me the choice to start small or go for all of the accessories for the maximum convenience.  Here is a sample of what Pure Cigs has to offer:

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Product Details

Starter Kits start at: $19.99 - $99.9 Money Back Guarantee: No
One Cartridge equates to: 350 Puffs LED Color: Blue, Red
Warranty: 6 months on batteries and 1 year on chargers. Free Shipping: Yes, Purchases over $75.00

Product Media

Pure Cigs Electronic Cigarette Start Kits

Pure Cigs Express Kit
  • Don't need all the frills, or just looking for a cheap way to try it out? Look no further! Our express kits come with a full pure cig to get you started!

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Pure Cigs Starter Kit
  • The best deal in e-cigs! Your starter kit includes all the essentials to start using electronic cigarettes.

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Pure Cigs Deluxe Kit
  • The deluxe kit include everything in the starter kit, plus the pure pack portable charger set! This is the BEST way to get started!

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this is an awesome product. its far superior to other ecigs that cost alot more. it produces smooth satisfying vapor. My color (red!) was out of stock so I had to wait for my pure cig but it was well worth the wait.

Submitted By: Mike dudke   On: 01/29/2013

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